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Healthcare professionals

Specialist advice for healthcare professionals...

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This is an area where due to a variety of factors healthcare professionals require more specialist advice in addition to still obtaining the basic business advice as well.

Healthcare Professionals Accountants London SE1

At first all the regulatory challenges can feel daunting but we are here to help bring the basic idea to fruition.

We will help you to:

  • decide on the most suitable business structure taking into account other income you may have from the NHS for example
  • review how your specific regulator would view some business structures and help find a suitable path
  • prepare a business plan and help present this in a suitable format for banks etc
  • assess your finance requirements and advise you as to where the healthcare professional can find suitable finance
  • deal with Companies House and the HMRC
  • review the VAT status of your business and help you comply with the often complex rules surrounding certain healthcare activities
  • provide a suitable recordkeeping system
  • provide a billing system if required
  • liaise with medical secretaries in order to ensure all financial accounting information is captured

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